Let the Light In

October 20, 2020

2020 has been, I think we can all agree, a revolving door of many of the most unprecedented events in our collective lifetime. "Unprecedented" - I wonder how many times we've heard that word in the daily news reports. Both the ongoing pandemic affecting all our lives for so long now and the last remaining days before the US general election have been a source of stress and anxiety for a lot of us. It's also been a time of a lot of reflection for me on both the present moment and the years leading up to it. So, having passed so much time now in my sheltering in place based musical life, I have two new Live at Home videos to share with you today. 

The first one is the online premier of Locked Up Love, a song that has evolved quite a bit over the yearsand that some of you may actually remember from my days in Seattle or even earlier.  I wrote the original version back in the mid-80’s when I was living and playing regularly in Madison, Wisconsin. But it’s gone through several revisions since then, and I only finished the third verse a few weeks ago.  I’m much happier with this new version, and since it’s message feels like the kind of commentary I’m motivated to be putting out there these days, I thought I’d share it with you all right away. I had fun rocking out a bit on the ending too while looking forward to a full band version down the road beyond social distancing. 

The second video is my first performance of a brand new song called Light InThis one is dedicated to our brave investigative and independent journalists, many of whom undertake great risk every day to uncover and expose the truth that is so often suppressed by those in positions of power around the globe. As usual, the lyrics of both songs are in the descriptions below the videos. 

I hope you enjoy the new music and let me know what you think. Peace, love, and good health to you all!

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