1. The Norm

As corporations with no formal allegiance to any nation choose those who lead us and make our laws, fund their campaigns, and assure that they remain in power . . . as those same corporations continue to grow in power, profits, and influence through their study, influence and growing control of our consumption-focused lives, I, for one, can't help asking "Just what IS normal anymore?" I tried to approach the issue with a sense of humor here, but I do think that with every passing year it becomes ever more essential that we all keep questioning the messages were delivered and "talking back to our televisions" - and all of our electronic devices for that matter. Or better yet, maybe disengage sometimes from the conversation altogether. 


The NormWhen you find your lifein chaos and dysfunctionusing psychobabble to describethe status of your family . . .When you can't help comparingtheir daily interactionswith the crazy neighbors down the streetor the simple way life used to be . . .Don't blame yourself.It's a social condition.It's not your fault.At least, not all you see,because the norm, it just aint normal anymore.When you question the motivesof anyone who wants to be your friend,well it could be paranoiaor just the voice of experience.When looking in the mirrorkeeps bringing down your self esteem,turn off your t.v.and put down your magazine.Don't blame yourself.You can't help what you see.It could be clinical depressionor just a corporate conspiracy,because the norm, it just aint normal anymore.When observing your own actions,you start to see a patternof continuous distractionfrom the things that really matter.When all your interactionis happening in cyberspace,you may miss your lost connectionwith other members of the human race.Don't blame yourself.It's something larger than you or me.It's got a life of its own,and it's only just begun.We share this dark night with all humanity.And it could be a long, long timebefore we see the sun,because the norm,it just aint normalanymore.Copyright 2001 Jim Vick