Friday Nights Continuing at the Lazy Mon

My weekly mission is to perform for those of you who are both interested and nearby enough to get there some of my original material (especially my Rumi based songs lately) and a few of the most interesting cover tune arrangements I can come up with. I have a lot of them, but I like to keep drawing from the well that houses the works of the many great artists who continue to inspire me to keep making music and hopefully help provide you with a good time in the process. It's a live-without-a-net intermixture of practiced composition and unrehearsed improvisation on what are often spontaneous and always evolving musical arrangements. Khalil Chapman and Allen give me a great sound mix so I can hear myself well and usually manage to get all the parts working together, even though there are often a few unexpected surprises and imperfections due to either jungle power technical glitches, admittedly human error, or some combination of the two. The uncertainty of the unknown in the equation boosts the adrenaline rush a bit - enough so that, in listening to some of what's been recorded at these one man jam-band shows, I've been surprised to find that I am often playing some of my very best live work. And sometimes talented vocalist friends like Erin Foley, Juleddi Ryan, and Christiano Can drop by and join me on stage for a bit, taking things in a little different direction. 
For me, it's always a blast, and since the crowds have been great most nights and people there enjoy it enough to encourage me to keep coming back, I do. I will be there again tonight from 5:30 to 7:30, weather willing, and hope to see some of your beautiful faces in the crowd.

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