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The new year is already a busy one for me, with several shows coming up in February and March. The first one on the horizon is a benefit concert for Tsunami Relief on February 6th that I've helped stellar singer-songwriter Kathryn Mostow put together. It will feature 15 performing songwriters, including some of the Northwest's finest. (More details on the Calendar page.) I'm also hosting the January 22 Seattle Thunder Democracy Festival, as well as our monthly Thunder Music in Fremont Series, held the first Saturday of the month through May at Essential Chocolate Factory's community living room. Those shows feature incredible acts every month, including the best of Seattle's contemporary acoustic music, along with occasional jazz, hiphop, rock, and world music. Check out the Links page to visit the Seattle Thunder site for more details on the series and our upcoming Thunder Music shows. The Calendar page has info on my own March 5th Thunder Music show. You can also check out that page for details on all our upcoming performances. And the Listen page for mp3s of several tracks from our new CD, plus a free downloadable mp3 of "Freedom Fries," our most recent recording, which wasn't recorded in time to be on the album. Coming soon will be some long lost cuts from my older recordings and some new stuff that's not available anywhere else. And of course, the Photos page has shots from our album shoot, with more coming soon from our CD release concert last October. One last thing before you go: please DO join the mailing list so we can keep you informed on our upcoming adventures and whereabouts and let you know when there's new music available for listening on the site. Hope you enjoy your visit. (And let us know your thoughts!) Peace, Jim

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