Punta Rasta, my new instrumental album, is almost done. I'm just finishing up the final editing and mixing, only a few weeks away from being able to release this baby. Getting there has turned out to be a huge commitment of work and time, wearing all the hats of producer, engineer, composer and primary instrumentalist on all the tracks, but I'm happy to say that I really think the resulting product was worth all that sweat and repetitive motion strain after all. I hope that you will agree when you hear it for yourself.  Previews of the new mixes are coming right up, and I'll be sharing more details on the release date very soon, as well.

On the live front, I'm continuing my weekly gig at La Costa de Papito, normally every Tuesday night, but switching to Thursday for one week only on March 17 (so come celebrate St. Pat's Day with me!)  The rest of the week, you'll probably find me right here in front of the Macbook, fine tuning a piano or drum track to be sure this little movie for your ears comes a bit closer to the auditory vision in my head that's playing when I take the headphones off for awhile. Unless I've escaped to the beach for a quick swim break! (The water is clear and calm right now, and the sun is shining much more frequently - meet me there?) 

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