Seasoned Greetings

The high season in Caribe Sur has started off with great celebration with the grand reopening of the beautiful El Loco Natural in its new location. The new place is a real dinner club, with tiered seating and a central stage at ground level - perfect for acoustic performances. My Sunday night stint there has resumed as of November 25, where I played the opening weekend show with Carter and his stepson-percussionist Nico, visiting from Chile. My daughter Elisa arrived yesterday to visit for a couple weeks, and we’ll be performing together on 12/9 at Jungle Love in Playa Chiquita and at the Loco on 12/16. We’re also planning to get some more recording done while she’s here and hopefully finish up her vocal tracks for the projects we started during her last visit. More about that in the next update. And speaking of recordings, at long last I have some new tracks to share with you, which will be appearing on the LISTEN page shortly. My first additions will be a sampling of the instrumental music I’ve been making with my acoustic duo partner, percussionist Carter Van Hauk, and Argentine sitarist Santos: two live tracks recorded at the Arte Vive Festival a couple months ago. I'll send out an alert to everyone who's still on the e-mailing list, but otherwise, please watch for them here in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I’m slowly making progress on recovering from a shoulder and elbow injury incurred several months back that has kept me laying low on the performance schedule the past 2 months, other than a couple unannounced visits to local acoustic jams. Composing and recording have been taking more of my focus right now, including a soundtrack project for a producer friend in San Francisco that I’m pretty excited about. Mum is the word for now, but I’ll keep you posted as it materializes in the coming year.

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