The CD version of my latest album, Punta Rasta: a Musical Journey to the Caribe Sur, was just released. The disc is now available for previewing and purchase here on the website and at CD Baby, Amazon, and a bunch of other media outlets. (Buying it here from my online store or at will give the most financial support to the artist.)

I've been enjoying my usual break from live performing during this slower tourism time of year here in Costa Rica, getting some great swimming and snorkeling time in and last month, along with more work on the Rumi album. Finally recovered from my hand injury in late September, too, so working a lot on a new set of covers for for the winter/spring season and learning the ropes on a new equipment setup I'll be using in my live shows. Hoping to have some video previews of the results for you soon - not quite ready for prime time yet, but getting closer.

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