Be sure to visit the MUSIC page for a FREE download of a new song!  In solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and in commemoration of the 10th anniversary this weekend of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan I’m giving this track away to everyone on my mailing list and everyone who visits my website in the coming months. The song is dedicated to all who work for peace and justice and for the protection of our planet, continuing to go beyond merely dreaming of a better tomorrow for our children. Called SNOW, paying tribute to the Puget Sound peace coalition that inspired the first verse, this track is from Strings and Wood, a mostly acoustic solo album that I've been slowly completing over the past year. The song is streaming here and on my Facebook and Bandcamp pages, so you can listen, read the lyrics, and download the song for free. And if you like what you hear, please share a link to this site with your friends:

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