Earthday Update plus new free mp3s from the Jim Vick Archives

With Spring already in full bloom in the Northwest, we're celebrating Earth Day (April 22) this month with the release of 3 of my environmentally-focused songs that have long been at rest in the JV Archives. You can hear and download these tracks for free on the Listen page. One of these songs, RADIANT WATER, appeared on my first album, IN THE GARDEN, but the other 2, LIVING LIGHTLY and JUNGLE COMING DOWN, are being released here for the very first time. (Scroll down to the bottom of the Listen page to find all 3 of these tracks.) With King George pushing for the drilling of the Artic Wildlife Refuge and with the Peak Oil story being published in mainstream zines like Rolling Stone, it's the least I can do to revive a suggestion from one of these tracks from the 80's: "If we're to see ourselves through this plight, we must live lightly!" I'll be hosting and performing at Seattle Thunder's Earth Day Celebration on Saturday April 23 in south Seattle, joined by masterful singer-songwriters Reggie Garrett and Sheryl Wiser. You'll find more details are on the Calendar page and at

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