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jim vick
Music & Lyrics by Jim Vick


Inspired by my fellow members of Sound Nonviolent Opponents to War, a Seattle area based coalition of neighborhood based peace groups that was formed in response to the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq nearly a decade ago, this song is dedicated to them and to all who work for peace and for global and environmental justice around the world.



Like the snowflakes falling, settling on the ground,

gathering into towering drifts that shut a city down, 

it starts so small and softly, it’s barely seen or heard.

Yet each day we grow in number as we work to spread the word.


I won’t deny we’re living in an age of darkness.

I won’t pretend to know that it will all get better someday.

But the few of us whose eyes are open wide enough to see what’s goin’ on

need to be brave enough and strong

And keep on watching. We dare not look away.

And Keep on working. There is no other way.

Though we may not see the changes we struggle to achielve,

in the face of apathy, we’ll stand up for what we believe.


Like the spark igniting leaves upon the ground,

fanned into the fiery flames that brought the forest down,

this tiny spark of warmth and light somehow sustains its glow

and spreads its sparkle ‘round the planet as our numbers grow.


A days is coming, though it may not be coming soon.

Maybe our children will be the ones to see it through.

And they will need to know the truths we were compelled to stand behind.

And they will need to see the images and words that moved our minds.

And they will need to know the dreams that we have clung to all our lives.

And they will need to hear the songs that helped our spirits to survive

to survive.


Copyright 2005 Jim Vick