PHOX Live in the Audiotree Studio - Lovin' This Group!

Always on the lookout for new talent that grabs my attention in some way, I love discovering new bands that really impress me with not only their vocal or instrumental prowess, but also their originality and creativity. Here is my favorite so far of the new groups I've come across this year giving what is also, in my estimation, probably the best live band performance I've seen on the web this year, as well. Originally from the Midwest circus town of Baraboo, Wisconsin, PHOX just recently broke out of Madison, WI, where I played a lot of music myself some years back.  Strangely, their sound reminds me of what I was hearing and playing there in the 80's, bringing up some sweet memories and musings. And - I must confess - I'm in love with lead singer Monica Martin's voice. I'm unsure about which is the more formidable talent - Monica or songwriter Zach Johnston. I think we'll be hearing great things from both in the future, along with this wonderfully genre defying and very entertaining young ensemble. Check them out for yourself and tell me what you think: