One Year Later: The Sh*thole Grows Deeper

As a US citizen, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on the latest unconscionable remarks of the man I am tempted to call our sh*thead president. With our recent power and internet outages and an exceptionally busy schedule this month, I'm chiming in on this subject a bit late, but I feel it's important to reach out especially to all my friends here in Costa Rica and around the world who did not happen to be born white and privileged US Americans.  I'm writing this not only to express my outrage, but also to let you to know that I'm with YOU.  I've got your back on this, and I will not be silenced in the face of such an assault on those who've been most harmed by the  economic disparity that is a direct result of the same greed and hate fest that brought this scourge of a man to power.       

This was not, of course, this president's first blatantly racist remark or violation of basic human decency, and it will clearly not be his last. Already adding insult to injury on Saturday morning by tweeting "AMERICA FIRST" between his rants against the Democrats, this deeply disturbed and visibly senile fool also seems hellbent on turning his personal domain into the REAL "sh*thole country".  His juvenile button and missile size threats and inane toilet seat tweets are matched only by his steady onslaught of reprehensible actions and decrees on pretty much all fronts since taking office just a year ago in damaging further every day the nation's quality of life, sense of safety, hope for its future, self respect, and eroding reputation and standing on the international stage. Whether or not the United States of America was ever a great nation in the eyes of the world at large or even its own people, Donald Trump will never make it so again, and his continued touting of his long worn out jingoistic campaign promise only pushes forward the rapid demise that, in my view, now appears to be its fate.  

But meanwhile, resistance and political activism continues to grow every day in the US. Trump did not win the popular vote, his public approval rating is one of the very lowest in history of all American presidents, and the government's own special investigation into alleged political corruption and obstruction of justice during his campaign has already reached his own inner circle at the White House. So if you've felt personally attacked by his words and if his deplorable banter and self-aggrandizing displays have made you begin to question the humanity, compassion, intelligence or loyalty of your own American friends, please remember that they, like the majority of us, probably did not vote for him, do not support his agenda or behavior, and are actually struggling every day to remain calm and sane as this very dark period in our history unfolds and, at some point, eventually passes.