La Playa Beckons


Strolled down to Chiquita Beach today after breakfast for a late morning swim before another afternoon of rehearsing for the upcoming summer live performance season. All alone in the warm and clear turquoise water under a sunny, cirrus-frosted, bright blue sky,  I felt mighty grateful to have such an incredible experience all to myself for the second time in the last week - the only soul in sight on that beautiful reef-lined shoreline - and to be living here in this amazing place.  Headed home filled with new inspiration and enjoyed a very productive afternoon polishing up new material and revised arrangements for my Big Mix shows, which will be resuming in the next couple weeks. See you out there soon, Costa Rica friends!


Downtown . . . where all the lights are bright


I'll be back in downtown Puerto Viejo tonight playing at the new Monli Restaurant (just south of TexMex & Parquecito corners in the space that used to house the old Cafe Ivon.)  Zenaida and Pacal have created an attractive and cozy little upstairs space overlooking the sea - the perfect place to enjoy Zenaida's culinary skills, developed over her many years of experience in restaurant kitchens throughout the area, sip the beverage of your choice, and share an evening with my little Big Mix. Hope to see you there, PV friends!


RumiTunes & AcroYoga


Back at Stashu's tomorrow night for a set of my Rumi-inspired originals, a few choice covers, and some guitar & iPod loop jams. The show starts at 8 with an AcroYoga exhibition by Lucid Rain. Hope you can join us!


Sunday Brunch in Playa Chiquita


I've resumed my weekly Sunday Brunch shows at La Botanica Organica in Playa Chiquita. The turnout has been great, and it's been a lot of fun for me to dust off older songs amidst highlights from the albums in progress and lay down little guitar and iPod loop jams for the grateful brunchers as they feast on Lea and Brian's delicious vegetarian fare. The music starts at 10:30, but late risers can still catch a few tunes before I wrap up around 1:00. Meanwhile, I'm continuing work on the recordings, shooting video for the website (coming soon) and squeezing in a show here and there at Papito when there are sun seekers in town during this low tourism season in the Caribe Sur. Hope to see you out there, local friends!