Jim's First Listen: Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "Multi-Love"

Sounds like Sgt. Pepper reading a Talking Book in Paisley Park! Haven't shared one of these for a while, but this NPR First Listen stream really deserves the attention of anyone who might appreciate an innovative neo-psychedelic spin on the creative soul geniuses of my generation. Catch it quickly before the stream is taken down because it's been up for a little while and will only be there until the album's release date. 

Portland based singer songwriter Ruban Nielson and his band are new to me, so I can't compare this to their earlier work, although I'll certainly be checking it out. Magnetic offbeat lyric theme aside (the perils of polyamory, which became a bit of a preoccupation for NPR's reviewer here) these guys are adventurous in the studio as well. The depth of the arrangement and production on this project requires a second listen - which I personally gave it right after that last track faded out on my first one. It was well worth the ride.